The expert opinion of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine in the field of cryptography was obtained

General Information:

The complex of software cryptographic protection of information "Crypto Autograph 2.0" (hereinafter - The Complex) is designed for use as a means of qualified electronic signature (ES) or printing in conjunction with secure signature creation devices (secure personal key carriers, token, smart card), and also for electronic identification, calculation, verification and verification of qualified electronic signatures and qualified electronic seals, data encryption, as well as providing users with the opportunity to obtain and use electronic trust services.

The complex meets the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine, bylaws in the field of cryptographic protection of information, state standards (DSTU, DSTU ISO/IEC, DSTU ETSI TS), international standards of public key cryptography (PKCS), working proposals (RFC), European telecommunications standards (ETSI TS).

The functional purpose of the Complex is to ensure the implementation of cryptographic transformations in accordance with

- DSTU 4145-2002, DSTU ISO/IEC 18033-2:2015, DSTU ISO/IEC 14888-3:2019;

- DSTU 7564-2014, GOST 34.311-95, DSTU ISO/IEC 10118-3:2005;

- DSTU 7624-2014, DSTU GOST 28147:2009, DSTU ISO/IEC 18033-3:2015;

- DSTU ISO/IEC 11770-3:2015, DSTU ISO/IEC 15946-3:2015.


- "Server module";

- "Client module";

- "Easy plug-in" interaction module.

Advantages of use:

- convenience and simplicity of installation and adjustment;

- ease of integration into information systems;

- qualified technical support;

- support of interaction with electronic services of leading Qualified provider of electronic trust services (QPETS);

- digital signature using the ID-card of a citizen of Ukraine;

- regular updating and upgrading of versions;

- interaction with secure signature creation devices;

- compliance with legal requirements.

Usage in the composition:

- information and information and telecommunication systems;

- electronic document management systems;

- electronic banking and trading systems;

- electronic payment systems;

- registered electronic delivery systems.

The technology stack implemented by the Complex provides the ability to easily integrate its components into portal solutions (web-based implementations) to ensure the overlay, verification and verification of qualified electronic signatures and seals, information encryption, electronic identification and user authentication in the information system if available. relevant key data and qualified public key certificate, implementation of national and international cryptographic algorithms on standards in web applications and use of leading web browsers.

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